Thanks to today's technology, our native teachers teach their classes with students who can be found anywhere in the world and can take the class at home, at work or at their place of study. The languages circulate through the network, which is the meeting point of the new generations, both personally, and in labor relations. Skylearn has programs that fit your needs and goals. We have packages or single classes 5,10,12,15,20,24,25, and 36 for private lessons or in groups. Our virtual classroom provides the opportunity for both the student and the teacher to participate in an interactive and live classroom where video, audio, documents, presentations and more can be shared instantly. The Virtual Classroom ensures that the student receives quality instruction and achieves their peak potential.

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The courses (excluding courses S & L) will start at a scheduled date and the student will be required to pay 15 days before the course begins. After paying, the student may be on the waiting list: a) If the number of students in the course chosen was complete. b) Or, if instead he had not reached the minimum number of attendees. The student will receive an email with their username and password so you can access the Online Campus. For S & L , courses start 48 hours after the student pays the course.


The student must first take the English Level  Test
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Select the level obtained, and click  "Ok".

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